What We Do


Program and Curriculum Development

We use a continuous improvement program development framework, with a specific focus on incorporating veterans’ lived experiences into the development and refinement of programs. At the core of our process is a thorough understanding of the issues involved, a consensus around our goals, and a commitment to achieving our goals.

Our programs and services feature research- and theory-based practices in psychiatric rehabilitation. Supporting veterans as they work towards comprehensive holistic health includes addressing physical health, cognitive and mental health, and social emotional health concerns. Supporting the children of veterans includes psychosocial, cognitive, and academic supports both in- and out-side of school. Our strength is in harnessing the lived experiences of veterans and their families to identify needs and gaps in services to create useful programs to support the overall health of veterans.


Training and Professional Development

We support veterans by training civilian systems and organizations to arrive at a collaborative and inclusive approach. We provide training and professional development to non-profit organizations, K-12 school systems, colleges and universities, and other groups that seek to actively support our fellow veterans. Our training and professional development includes face-to-face workshops and on-line personalized learning on:

  • Mental health supports
  • Suicide prevention
  • Cultural competence and empathy in working with veterans
  • Stress and anxiety of veterans, their partners, and their children 

Our staff are all trained, certified, and experienced educators who have worked in public, private, incarcerated, and residential settings for youth and adults. In addition to our experience working with veterans, we are also trained in veteran and military cultural competence. 


Research and Evaluation

As social science researchers with over 25 years of experience, we use quantitative and qualitative methods to understand veteran needs. Our particular expertise is in utilizing lived experiences as data by leveraging qualitative methodologies including auto-ethnography, ethnography, and case study methods. We apply our research skills to rigorously assess the needs of veterans and their families, conduct a systematic review of community services to create asset maps, and analyze the gaps between needs and assets. We use the findings from the needs assessment, gap analysis, and asset mapping to design, evaluate, and continuously improve veteran programs.  


Technical Assistance and Consulting

Our goal is to provide consulting and technical assistance to organizations so that their vision for a veteran-focused program can be actualized. Consulting and assistance can include organizing and facilitating meetings for program development, conducting interviews or liaising with stakeholders and veterans to identify needs and gaps, and providing expert advice on services and programming for veterans and their families.

Our staff has decades of experience providing consulting services and assistance to local, state, regional, and federal agencies; non-profit organizations and philanthropic foundations, and community and faith-based groups. In addition to data utilization, data-driven decision making, and systematic reviews and audits, we bring a unique set of expertise in our formal training in psychiatric rehabilitation and mental health / therapeutic supports, child development and education, and project management. We have used these skills to lead and facilitate workshops, trainings, and strategic planning meetings for a diverse range of clients.